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More Life Through Music, More Music Through The Guitar.

Guitar Lessons

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Inspiring you to play with passion and excellence.

Learn To Play The Guitar

Whatever your jam may be, from classic rock to old-school funk, our friendly guitar specialists are here to help you find it. Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro looking to pick up a few new tricks, we can tailor fun, stimulating lessons to help you develop and expand your musical capabilities.

Penrith School of Guitar was established in 1986 as a branch of The Sydney School of Guitar, which itself was a branch of the London Spanish Guitar Centre. Starting with just two teachers and a handful of students, we have since grown to become a leading Western Sydney guitar school with students from Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. We currently have 10 teachers offering professional guitar lessons and guiding guitarists daily.

Guitar made easy for all

All ages, skill levels and music styles.

Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Guitar Lessons

At Penrith School of Guitar, we offer sensational guitar courses taught by remarkable instructors for learners of all levels.
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Trained Teachers Of All Guitar Styles

Classically trained, our teachers can cover all guitar-playing styles and help you master the strings on classical guitars, electric guitars, and other string instruments.
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Learn To Play The Guitar From Anywhere

You don’t have to be in Penrith or Western Sydney for top notch guitar lessons. Join our live video lessons from anywhere.
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We Can Help You Choose The Right Guitar For You

Here at Penrith School of Guitar, we don’t just teach you how to play the guitar like a proper pro; we help you pick one out, as well!
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More Life Through Music, More Music Through The Guitar.

Why Penrith School of Guitar?

Penrith School of Guitar is here to help. We offer affordable and exciting guitar lessons right here in Penrith, aimed to guide both beginners and professionals alike.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Established in 1986 as a branch of The Sydney School of Guitar.

Passionate & Diverse Instructors

Our passionate instructors cater to a diverse range of musical styles.

Personalised Lessons

You can learn step by step at your own pace, and each lesson is tailored to suit your individual taste and ability.

What We Offer

At Penrith School of Guitar we can help you with:
Guitar lessons for personal enjoyment
Professional development for practising musicians and teachers
Preparation for AMEB exams
Preparation for HSC music
Guitar restringing and minor repairs
Sales of instruments and accessories

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